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Rowe Construction cc

Another arm of the Rowe Group, Rowe Construction cc, was established in 2009.  Formed purely as a construction company, Rowe Construction still operates with regards to privately owned homes and guesthouses in the Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay area, offering refurbishment and alteration services.

Rowe Construction built the first pilot 6 Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns at Langkloof Bricks, and incorporated modifications that led to the new SA-VSBK shafts exceeding expectations.

The facilitation, implementation, construction and refinement of the technology was assisted by the SA-VSBK Project team.

Rowe Construction was the main contractor and also was involved in refining the design as per our client’s requirements.

The original construction of the VSBK Shafts allowed for more than 38 people from the Jeffrey’s Bay community to be employed.

Laser measuring and positioning systems were applied to reduce the overall construction time, while also providing a high degree of accuracy.  Diamond drilling techniques were used to assist with the placement of sensor positioning systems.

New skills were developed with the refractory masonry, where overall accuracy of the shaft had to be within 2mm in any direction. This approach also encompassed the design of the jigs and fixtures to ensure essential accuracy.

Precision engineering, CAD modelling and the efficiencies achieved by hands-on construction of these VSBK kilns led to significant enhancements made to the original design and further reducing construction costs.

The second installation of 18 RVSBK kilns employed over 50 skilled and non-skilled workers.

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